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LC Victorian Ski Championships

Putting Locals First

Why put locals first?

When the Victorian Nationals talk about ‘Putting Locals First’, we’re not referring to some empty campaign slogan. We’re talking about practical grassroots action to help tackle the economic and social challenges facing our regional communities.

Local communities in the Swan Hill electorate have felt their fair share of these challenges over the past year.

Ongoing drought conditions and the global economic downturn have taken their toll on local families. The slowing economy has meant local businesses and jobs have been under strain.

That’s why the Victorian Nationals have taken practical action and kick-started the ‘Putting Locals First’ campaign.

Simply speaking, Putting Locals First is about investing in your community. When you buy goods and services locally, your money stays in your local area. It protects local jobs and allows local businesses to grow and create more jobs.

It’s common sense and is fast gaining momentum in local communities. More and more people are shopping locally, taking a local short break and getting behind local sporting and community clubs.

In return local families are reaping the rewards of saving money on travel costs and receiving personalised follow up service from someone in their own area.

It’s a practical step we can all take to create jobs and generate wealth in our region.

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Contact: Electorate Office: 274 Campbell Street SWAN HILL Vic 3585 Phone: (03) 5032 3154 Fax: (03) 5032 9483